Building a WIX blocks app without a widget

Does anyone know if it’s possible to create a WIX blocks app without using a widget?

The app code needs to run on every page of the site. For testing my code I just placed it the masterpage.js file of my site.

Yes you can. This article describes how to in EditorX: Creating, Building, and Using Your Own Velo Package | Help Center |

However it’s possible in Blocks in general, just select the “Code Package” template when creating a new Blocks package to start without a widget. You can also just delete widgets.

Do note though that Blocks code doesn’t have a notion of a masterPage and wouldn’t automatically run on every page of a site. But you can create a Blocks package and then run the code from it in the masterPage.js on a site.

Additionally, you can also create a Worker iframe extension that is invisible and runs your code on every page of the site.

How I can create worker Iframe ? please help me in that