Button not downloading when on.click() event added.

So I tried following this tutorial (https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=MTBVyk0YGv0) by wix to add a button click counter to a button on my website. I followed exactly what the tutorial steps were but whenever I add the on click event the button no longer links to the download when it is clicked on the published website.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I copied the code right from the comments and made sure to change the name of the button ID and everything just like the video said.

The click events also aren’t even showing up in my google analytics.

I am getting really frustrated so would appreciate any help or advice! Thank you so much!!

Hi Marisa,
You’ll need to include a screenshot of your code and related elements in order to get help. Thanks.

It is literally the same exact code from the video I linked.

@marisamyrick do you have any code in lines 1-13 ?

@jonatandor35 No, they are blank