Button Style

I would like the following properties to be changed by an onclick event

1.- How can I change the icon that is inside a button? when i use style.color it just changes my text.
2.- I would like to change the border top and border left of this same button.

Active button:

Background color: #FFFFFF (White)
Icon background: #FF5722 (Orange)
Text color: #FF5722 (Orange)
Border top: 6px #FF5722 (Orange)
Border bottom: 0px
Border left, right: 1px #999999

Inactive button:

Background color: #EAE8E8 (light Grey)
Icon background: #999999 (Grey)
Text color: #999999 (Grey)
Border top, bottom: 1px #999999
Border left, right: 1px #999999

Hi :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

You can only achieve this by writing a custom element since the built in buttons don’t support these properties by code.