Can I create a persistent text box across multiple pages on Wix?

I am creating a web based game in Wix that requires players to review clues on multiple web pages and at the bottom is a text field that allows players to type their notes. Naturally when you change pages, that text field is wiped clean. Is there a way to create a persistent text box across multiple pages and keep the text field from resetting as players navigate between them?

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Yes, this is possible.

There are 2-ways how to generate this function.#

  1. Saving the needed text-data inside a database and load it on ever new opened page.
  2. Saving the data inside the Wix-Storage and loading it from there

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That sounds like a fascinating web-based game you’re creating! Maintaining a persistent text box across multiple pages in Wix can be a challenge, as the platform doesn’t provide native support for it. However, you can explore workarounds using cookies or local storage to store and retrieve the text entered by players. By utilizing JavaScript and Wix’s code capabilities, you can achieve a solution that allows players to keep their notes intact as they navigate between pages. Good luck with your game development, and I hope it becomes a big hit! Need to know more about us have a look this link

Creating a persistent text box across multiple pages on Wix is not a built-in tool. However, you can achieve this by using the Wix Corvid (formerly known as Wix Code) tool. With some coding knowledge, you can build a custom element that stays consistent throughout your site, offering a seamless user experience.