Can I create a slideshow with tabs?

I’m trying to create a slideshow with 2 slides and which one is composed by a map (HTML from ArcGIS) that I could select by clicking on a tab with the name of the map. The predefined slideshows on Wix only have circle buttons and arrows to navigate and the codes I’ve found on internet doesn’t appear to work together with the maps’ codes.

Can anyone help me with a more practical tab slider code or any other solution on Wix?


From what I understand, you want to embed some third-party code to your site. In this case, you will need to check out the following article:
Adding Code to Your Site

The HTML app loads on your site as an iFrame. Any links in that frame automatically open in that same frame, the article below explains how to use it:
Using iFrames to Display Visible Content on Your Site

If you are referring to something else, please correct me.