Can I edit slideshow movement with a code?

I added wix pro gallery slideshow to my homepage, and the default movement between photos is really stiff. can I change it with code and make a smoother movement? maybe something like this style (see video)?

Perhaps you can achieve it using “wix-animation” …

But not sure, if this one will be possible.

thanks I will check that

Hi there …

You cannot change the behavior of Wix apps outside the predefined box .
You can build a custom slideshow with HTML and REACT.

thanks. can I hire a developer from wix that will do that for me? or can I find an css example on the web and embed it to my wix website?

@hilaccc Yes you can hire an EXPERT to do it for you.
You can check the profie of every user here and take a look which information can be found about the user.

You can also go to the wix-marketplace and hire a developer or freelancer from there…

@russian-dima thanks. I wonder if I can find on the web css code for a gallery in this style? could you help me with that?

I will take a look for it, but can’t give any promises.