Can I get a collection of users on 'my site' so as to iterate the list returning: userID, roles and email?


You can use a simple query to retrieve the data as long as it is saved in your collection .
These specific data items (userID, role, email) are available to the site owner only on the occasion of a logged-in user. The currentUser method could be use to retrieve them.

In case you do save them into a collection for every user that logs in, you can use the following code snippet:

import wixData from 'wix-data';

    .limit(15) //up to 1000. Default value is 50
    .then( (results) => {
          results.items.forEach( (item => {
                let userID = item._id;
                let userEmail =;
                let userRole = item.role;

It will only work if you’ve got the mentioned data stored in your collection!