can I insert excel calculation to my wix site?

I need someone to help me to build my calculator, I know how to use the lumifish calculator, but I need to now how to connect external data to this calculator.

Where can i find someone to help me with this piece of code?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Vero Ver,
Unfortunately you can’t connect external data to Lumifish calculator

You can either create your own calculator or embed an iframe and use messaging to communicate with the HTML element (follow this article for more information: Velo: Working with the HTML iframe Element | Help Center |

Please let me know how it goes, Tom

how to remove the arrow in the store image

Wix Stores is a Wix App and for that you would be better suited going through Wix Support or reading Wix Stores own Support pages.

Hi Tom, thanks for the advice, I will have to study on this one. It seems Chinese to me at the moment and the funny part is… I know how to speak Chinese… (LOL)