Can I overlap master header or section over multiple overlapping sections?

For Example like this:

How do I overlap the header over the next sections so my header buttons can show, without pinning to the window.

I was able to overlap “Services Section” and “Background Images Section” (this section has the branches and gradient background ) by accident at some point, but it seems the header won’t be able to overlap these two sections, unless I pin it to the window. I don’t want to pin the header to the window because it scrolls over the page. I’m also having trouble replicating how i made the two sections over lap to begin with :frowning:

hi there
On image 1, I can see that Header is overlapping the section , at the same time, I can not understand: how you can achieve the overlapping multiple sections without pinning the header at the same time? If we are talking about one section only, we can work with the background image for the section and use negative docking for it in size of the header , so it will give us overlapping effect, without pinning the header, but how you see the second section overlapping, do you have any reference or video?