Can I prevent HTML entity escaping in triggered email variables?


I am using Triggered Emails and (eventually) Recurring Jobs to create a report email of the results of a periodic backend process.

I am running the process by hand for testing, and all of the variables are correctly replaced in the template as expected.

The only problem is that I want to include (cleaned up) data from a wix-data collection in the HTML email.

I tried using an HTML block in the email and creating a variable that contains an HTML table.

Unsurprisingly, variable contents are run through an HTML entity escaping filter (probably to cut down on XSS and other security vulnerabilities).

Is there some way for me to mark a variable as safe? There is no UGC in the data I am trying to display.

Or, failing that, is there some way to loop over a variable in the Triggered Email template? (I doubt this, but I’m not sure what else to do. I don‘t want to set up a whole SMTP provider account for this one email.) I guess I am falling back to a <pre> block for now.

Triggered Emails

What are you trying to achieve:
Formatted (table) display of a dynamic table of information pulled from a wixData Collection directly in the email.

What have you already tried:

HTML in a variable replacement.

Additional information
(And it’s hilarious to me that the forum question formatting does not have HTML entity escaping and allowed me to open a <pre> tag in my question with no closing tag.)

I think the escaping is mandatory but the best place to get someone to look at adding this is to request this feature on the product roadmap: Product Roadmap

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try my luck over there. I figured it was a long shot.