Can submit without tick reCAPTCHA

Good Afternoon to everyone. I have a problem that the data can submit without tick reCAPTCHA.

Now I’m using User Input to make a form list. When I done, I try to insert the data, after that I submit but it is still work without tick reCAPTCHA.

Did the reCAPTCHA has any code that we need to attention?

Hi Bocchi,

if you’re using wix built in form, you should not add any code,
you only need to insert the captcha component to the form container.
but if you’re using custom form you should add extra code to connect the captcha to the form submission logic.

$w.onReady(function () {
$w('#submitButton').onClick(() => {
const isValidatedToken = $w('#captcha').token;
//save the form data to you're collection
//you can do it with wix-data api
//show the user an error text