Can you create an eCommerce website to sell non-hemp CBD if you connect to a third party payment processor that will allow it ?

I am trying to find if there is a way to sell non hemp CBD products using a Wix website. If I create a Wix store and find a third party payment processor that will process payments for non-hemp CBD, will that work with Wix ?

Hi there!

We recently had a webinar about this! You can check out upcoming webinars here.

Here’s a link to an in-depth article where we cover selling CBD products on Wix.

So Wix will not allow cannabis derived CBD websites at all or you can create the website if you can find a a company willing to process the payment for cannabis derived CBD ?

@membrinoshannon You must meet all of the requirements outlined here:

Every Wix site owner interested in selling hemp and hemp-derived products in the U.S. must comply with the following requirements:

  • Your business must be managed in the U.S., from a state where Wix supports the sale of these products.

  • You must read this article and make sure you fully understand the terms for selling hemp and hemp-derived CBD products on your site.

  • You must read, confirm and submit the Declaration for Selling Hemp Products .

  • You must connect your site to a third-party payment provider that supports the sale of hemp and hemp-derived CBD products.

  • You must adjust your store’s shipping regions only to the states that allow the U.S.e and sale of hemp and hemp-derived CBD products.

For the full list of requirements, please click here .