Can you hide all contents of a repeater until user input is received?


I’m building a page to search for a person in a specific area or by a specific skillset (using dropdowns for this filtering). Results display in a repeater. The filtering works properly and the results display - but I’m wondering if there’s a way to hide all the contents of the repeater until the user selects something from one of the dropdowns, instead of displaying all the dataset content in the repeater initially (there’s about 100 items, so that’s tedious).

Can this be done? If yes, could you point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Do you use code? Where is your CODE ?

I’ve just used all the drag-and-drop functionality for this, but I think I probably need to code it instead. For now I guess I just need to know if this is possible so I can keep researching how to do it.

Maybe I should have asked in a different area? Sorry, it’s my first question here.

If you want to hear your FIRST-ADVICE ? → It is ALWAYS better to code instead of using predefined stuff!

Why? → Because you will have much more possibilities/oppertunities/flexibility if you will code your own FEATURES :wink:

Predefined stuff is cool → when you just want a quick standard (borring) site layout/template and function.

You wanna have something which will work exactly like you expect it?
→ Then you will need to code it → because out there is NOTHING, which was already predefined like you want it to have.

Conclusion → You have to code it by your own.

And now → you can start your coding-adventure. → Good luck :wink:

And yes! → You were in the right section, if you want to do it your own individual-way.

Some → ROCKET-TURBO-BOOST for you…

ADMIN → goes to the MOON!

Here on this page you will find a lot of “HOW2”, if you want to generate your own FILTER-ENGINE…

Read first the ORIGINAL-POST and than you can continue reading all post, related to the shown Filter-Engine-Project. Good luck!

Thanks - I’ll go back to researching :slight_smile:

And reading this here…

Will show you some new FEATURE-SKILLS. Since you surely will use a DROPDOWN & DATABASE! :wink:

Yes, definitely dropdowns - something along these lines… for now, I’m going to figure out how to recreate this with code - and then I’ll keep digging to figure out hiding all the info until something is selected. Thanks

You will find all the answers for your questions → after reading and investigating the given links. :wink:

@russian-dima I’m reading away - thanks again