Can you recommand video tutorial for velo code how do begginers use it?

Well i did not find any video, which shows step by step how to learn Velo-Coding, but there are a lot of example-videos and tutorials for different projects, where you can learn how to code in “Velo” (Corvid).

Your first steps should be to get an overview about all options of the wix-editor and how CODE and EDITOR works together.

Another “must to know/learn” is the JS-SYNTAX. Without this knowledge it is hard to learn it.

When i started with Velo-Coding i didn’t knew of all that things, i just jumped into the cold water and started reading every of the user-posted posts in this forum and tried to copy them and replicate them → learning by doing!

Here you see the result of my learning steps…

It was the best learning practice, on my opinion (perhaps not the fastest one, but you can learn from scratch without any predefined knowledge).

Here, this also could be helpful . . .

Of course you can also use for example —> YouTube to learn JS and Velo-Coding.
Search for example for “Code-Queen-Nayeli’s” videos, they are good for beginners.

Take a look at the Velo learning Center for video tutorials, getting started guides, and a lot more.

Oh nice! Is that new?

@russian-dima Yes, it is fairly new. Please share the link to assist our beginner friends on their Velo journey! :blush:

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@marlowe-shaeffer Already implemented :sweat_smile: