Can you update a live page from a dashboard page in real time?

The title of this question is a little brief for the actual task, but I’ll do my best to explain the parts of this problem. This is mostly a fact finding mission to see if this is actually possible. I have much more to add to this, but if I can solve the main part, I can probably work out the rest.

I would like to be able to change elements on a site page in real time from a backend dashboard page. In this exact example, there would be two screens at play. One screen would display a page that has a timer counting down, and on the other screen, the separate dashboard page would have controls to modify that timer (pause, reset, add or subtract time while it’s still counting down.

Setting and getting the timer value through the database is fairly straightforward, and even implementing some kind of auto refresh to run when the value is updated seems possible. However, the part I can’t wrap my head around would be how to start and stop the timer using buttons on the dashboard page.

I know that the function isn’t that complex, and can be put in a backend .jsw file, but I’m not sure how to call that function into play to affect live data on a different page.

Any ideas would be welcome!

Check out the new realtime API which is built exactly for that, it is categorised as “advanced” level, there is an example of using this API here .


Perfect timing! I’ll explore this and see what I can do.

Thank you very much for the recommendation, I would have missed this otherwise.