Cannot find module wix-animation-helpers

Hi, I want to use codes from:

but when I try to import the module, import { zoom } from ‘@velo/wix-animation-helpers’
in both individual page code and global page(masterPage.js), the error pops up saying

“Cannot find module ‘@velo/wix-animation-helpers’ in ‘public/pages/zy952.js’”

Even if I use the EXACT SAME code that works on their exemplary wix website ( ->edit now), the error still pops up.

What can I do?:persevere:

Hello, have you installed the velo package first before using the import module?

I just tested the package using the edit now feature and the helpers are working as expected. If you have installed the package and the code is still not working for you, you can reach out to customer care for more assistance