Can't see the Collections field in Products database

Velo: Wix Stores “Products” Collection Fields | Help Center |
I can not see the collections field in the Products database with wix-data on the backend.

Here is my backend function (13 is just for testing I tried to check manually also):

export function getProducts() {
    return wixData.query("Stores/Products")
        .then((results) => {
            return results.items[13].collections

I can’t see the collections field when I try to query the database. Is there any problem with my code or there is something wrong with Wix?

When I just return .items there is no problem I see all items but still can’t see the collection field on each item. But on the article, it says I can see it. And actually, I should and must see it.

Anyone knows something about this?

I can’t access Stores/Collections database I can’t filter it I can not access it from Stores/Products database there is something wrong with Stores/Collections database or what I’m doing wrong xd I can’t even set filter with datasets

I didn’t find any solution so I decided to create my own database. But I find out I can’t see the “multi-reference” fields generally. I created a multi-reference field connected to Products database (auto created by Wix) and when I check the results I don’t see it on the console log or at the backend tests:


Then I created a different multi-reference field and I didn’t connect it to the Products database I connect it to the “Posts” database (auto-created by Wix when you add Wix Forum)

And what I see is it’s working and I can see it on the console log.

So I guess I can’t see a multi-reference field connected to Products or what? I don’t understand why we can’t see this??!