Cascading Dropdown

Hi, I wrote these codes I found on Velo about cascading dropdown and I changed the words, but when I preview, something is wrong, because the options from my first dropdown are almost the same with the words from the 2nd one, and if i choose any option, the other dropdown blocks

Can you send the right code…
In the dropdown it shows XL wich isn’t anywhere in the code

kind regards,

Or did you connect it with a datadet?

I didn’t connect it with a dataset.
The code had XL, but I changed it with “fete” and “baieti” in the public dropdown.js to be able to check if the code works (because I normally have the same sizes for “Femei” and “Barbati” so I couldn’t check if it actually worked)

The first dropdown “tip” still had the XL option but I deleted it now. It doesn’t appear anymore as an option, but the code still isn’t working