Change autogenerated ID system field to own code.

Hi! Hope someone can help me with this. I’m not very good at coding, but I might have to change a code. I have read in several threads that the “ID field” with autogenerated (very long number) must be changed in the code. I can not do it.

Here is the field I want to change:

Finally I managed to get the field under “properties”:

But I think the number is WAY too long.

Also do not understand where the code should go in, should it go in here? Sorry for the Norwegian language in the code …

You can’t change an existing id. But you can create your own id when you insert a new item using code.

So you mean I can create a new field? That also will end up here?

@mortenselnes90 yes but only using code (then you’ll see it in the data manger).

See here how to create a new item using code (see 2nd example with _id):