Change CSS style of repeater element

I have a Repeater connected to a dataset.
How do i change the style (e.g color, font) depending on the data values for the dataset row?
For example if I want a red border for numbers above or below a range?

Wix doesn’t let you change the css styles.

Same with previous posts about similar too.

Andreas Kviby did actually manage it when he was doing his own site called The WixShow.
Cool repeaters in Wix using CSS

However, he doesn’t do that anymore and has moved onto ventures new, so you won’t get any help from him unfortunately.

If you want to try doing yourself what he did in that youtube video, then you will have to look at using tilt.js through Wix Node Manager and using css, html and javascript to do it.

So, good luck with it if you try it yourself.

The only editable CSS property of repeater containers is background (not background-color) :$w.Container.html#background

But you can simply add a box element to your container, and it has a lot more editable CSS properties:$w.Box.html#style

Text CSS can be changed inline:$w.Text.html#html

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Yes that will be suitable for their needs, I was just thinking that they were looking to have access to the html/css itself and try to do it themselves
Thanks David. :+1:

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Thanks for these. It helps a lot.