Change Layout to Slider in 1001px would not reflects in 320px. Then there is a screen blink issue


After I add a repeater to a page, and then change the layout to Slider, this change will be normally reflected in higher breakpoints. However in mobile, the change in layout would not be reflected, although you can see the parameter in the image pasted, showing Silder…

After that, always in mobile breakpoint, if I change layout to any of the other two options, and then choose Slider again, the slider issue is solved.

However when the user makes a slow scroll on the repeater, there will be a blink in the footer of the screen. The important issue for me is the blinking

I have added a #section7 where you can see this behaviour

Help would be really appreciated

Another thing, the blinking happens in Chrome, not in Edge. Besides it happens only the first time I scroll down.

So if I scroll down it happens, and then if I continue scrolling down it doesn’t. But if I scroll up again and down again, the blinking will be there, just the first time I scroll down.