change member page title in browser tab - code

Hi everyone,

There is no way to change the title of a member page view the edit/settings menus of the editor.
It seems this is a long forgotten bug.

All my member pages are currently called “new page”, which is not good.

Can anyone let me how to change the page title from code?

Thanks so much,

This is not a Wix Corvid issue, you should have gone through Wix Support for your question as they deal with all editor issues.

In your other post here.

Then note that they have added the Wix Members app to their website which is not workable with Corvid.

Thanks so much for your help, I saw those. I was looking for a code solution to this. Nothing in those Wix support works. I might have to drop the members area using their app.

There isn’t a code solution as it is not part of Corvid.

You need to go through Wix Support themselves and not post on this forum about it.

Works all fine for me too…

Don’t forget that you need to change the SEO tab too, like you can on all pages.

Although as I said before, this is not a Corvid issue and going through Wix Support would have given you the answer many hours ago now. :wink:

Thanks so much for this. I naturally did all that, but the name on the browser tab remains unchanged.