Changing header in Wix Studio


Is it possible to have the header change after a certain point on my page?

I found this video which is similar to what I am trying to achieve but can’t seem to get it to work on Wix Studio. I am working with a template in Wix Studio and can’t seem to access the header section.

I have used that type of code in the classic editor before. I have not tested it in Studio, but I am certain it could easily be done. probably without code now in Studio using animations and effects.
Seems strange you cant access the header section. What template are you using ?
I would build each header you need in a container on the page first then add the containers to the header. set a show/hide for the container.

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Thank you for the feedback. I expected it would be easier in Studio but maybe I am just missing something. I added two pre-built headers from ‘Sections’ tab and used code to set the show/hide but I am unable to get the headers into the header section.

I am using the Spazio Interior Design template

are all your elements in a container ? you can then drag that into the header.

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Thank you for the quick response @Dan_Suhr

I tried playing around with the containers as you suggested but I think my issue is working with the Studio Editor.

I tried it on a blank page and it seems to be working.