Changing my WiX Store pricing - TAX - Help!

Hi all, I am looking for a Wix expert.

I have over 400 items in my store and I am having an issue with the TAX.

Currently all my items pricing includes 20% UK VAT TAX.

This works fine when people in the UK or EU buy from me, However… people from outside the EU looking to buy (i.e USA) will get to the checkout in my store and 20% should be taken off the list price but because the list price is set to include the 20% VAT the price doesn’t change for buyers purchasing from outside the UK/ EU.

After speaking with WiX they cant suggest a way of reducing the pricing for all items together, only going into each listing and reducing the list price by 20% manually and then changing the settings in the ‘Store Tax tab’ to - ‘No, add tax at checkout’ but with so many buying options within one listing it gets extremely complicated and changing each listing could take months.

At the moment the Tax setting is set to ‘Yes, tax is included in the price’.

I wish I knew about this issue when I first started up the store.

Does anyone know a way this can be done, maybe via code?

Anyone willing to help?

Currently the Stores collections are " Read Only ", meaning that there’s no option to change tax calculation using code. The only option to change prices is using the Store Manager . For questions about how to do it using the Store Manager, I recommend contacting Wix Support team as they know best about this product.