Chat Widget Integration

I recently integrated a 3rd party chat widget on my website. After integration when testing the widget, it works well. However, it overlaps on the of website content. This makes certain links not clickable.

See the attachment below.

This is for when the chat is open. As you can it’s overlapping on the dropdown arrows - even when its not opened I cannot click on the arrows .

Has anyone experienced something like this? And how did you solve it?

Your code has come from a third party provider, therefore Wix can not provide assistance as they have not given you the code to begin with.

You will need to go back to your own third party code provider and ask them how to manipulate the html code so that when it is just showing the chat icon, that the existing html iframe is collapsed to be that size too and not stay at the full size for when the chat providers chat box is open too.

If this is not doable, then you will have to redesign your page so that the html iframe is not overlapping any of your page elements.

Or you can simply look at using the Wix Chat app which does work fine and the chat logo does not interfere with on page elements.
Wix cannot provide support for external codes that were not created or tested with Wix.
If you are experiencing an issue with your code snippet, please contact the provider directly.

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Thank for your response.
I’ll contact the 3rd part code provider. I’ve used Wix chat app, it worked well. However, the company is already using the 3rd party app hence the integration.