Check Out the New Corvid by Wix Blog

We have a brand new blog and you’re all invited to take a look!

The blog is all about featuring content that highlights the tools, resources, and ideas behind Corvid. We will regularly post code examples, video tutorials, and other posts diving into the technologies Corvid uses to help you rapidly build web applications.

The Corvid community of users are a top priority for us, so we welcome your thoughts and feedback on the blog and look forward to suggestions on what content you would like to see featured there.

You can read our welcome post or you can check out this post highlighting the Corvid philosophy of accelerated web application development .


Good job, and the design is amazing. I’d like to see more blog posts about use cases of people who have built some big sites with Corvid, and some pretty big use cases, etc. Perhaps we can shat on email?

Thanks Robert. Those are great ideas and we are absolutely planning to feature some of the amazing sites people have built with Corvid.

@jonahb sorry, not ‘shat’ on email. I meant ‘chat’ lol!

How can i reach you?

Just seeing this, I liked the style and content of this post - .

Are the posts only going to be coming from the Wix team?