Checkout how to change some lay out itens and add more fields on end?

hi guys,

I want to change some itens on checkout pages lay out as:

  1. I want to use this option instead first one, based on customer choice.

2. add a customized form to be filled after the purchase and before this one bellow:

3. Is there a way to use other payment method such as Pagarme? If yea how can I procced?

Is it Wix-Stores what you are using?
It is possible to generate own Payment-Gates by code and implement them into your system, but this will need a big bunch of code and a professional coder, who knows what he is doing —> SECURITY-RISK-QUESTION . (nothing for beginner!!!)

Thank you! :heart_eyes: And yes I’m using wix stores.
Great! Do you know where I can find some information/documentation about how to check if my needs about security is being fullfilled? Or I just need to trust in the professional ?:laughing:
Do you have any clue about 1 & 2 itens?

What is → " 1 & 2 itens? "

Some checkpoints…

Of course it also will depend on the pro-programmer and his knowledge.