Chrome Debugger

After reviewing , and in particular the section entitled “Using the debugger”, I decided to try that method.

However, upon coding the keyword “debugger” as shown in the article, I discovered quickly that this is actually NOT a supported command. I am puzzled since the text and image in the article clearly shows you need to add that statement to your code to use it.

Can someone tell me what I obviously do not know about how to use “debugger” in Chrome?

Also, I would be grateful to someone for giving me some advice on where to find better instructions on how to use breakpoints in my velo code to investigate interim results as I normally do in other languages.

debugger; is supported.
Be sure to put the semicolon in the end.
Ignore the yellow underline and the ’ Unexpected ‘debugger’ statement. eslint(no-debugger) ’ warning.

Thanks. That worked to my surprise. Who knew an error would not be an error?

Can you respond anything about my 2nd question regarding breakpoints? Thanks.