Click & Collect Workaround


My wife’s business is food for collection and until now this has been from one location, so straight forward in Wix Stores. She now wants two (and I’m sure more will follow) but of course this is not currently possible in Stores as there is no standard Click and Collect capability.

So I’m looking for a workaround. I did consider adding a custom field at checkout to request the buyer specifies the location, but there are a number of issues with this; 1) the user would need to type in the location, rather than select from a list and 2) though the custom field could be mandatory, reading other Wix guides seems to indicate that payment via Paypal would miss this entirely…

My next idea is to add a new collection containing location products one of which would be selected and added FOC to a basket. This would be fine and scalable, but my question is how (in code) could I make selecting a product from the location collection mandatory? In essensc I need to force buyers to select a location product before they can complete checkout.

Any help, advice or alternatives from you good people would be most appreciated. the site is

Many thanks, Rowland

So this doesn’t appear to have generated much comment! Anyone?

As another though I wondered whether it would be feasible to add the location products to a lightbox which could be triggered by the checkout request. This could then ask the client to select the ‘location’ product prior to payment etc. Is it possible to add a collection of store products to a lightbox so that the one chosen is also added to the basket? Scratching my head here…

You want to add a complete STORES-COLLECTION onto a LIGHTBOX?

That menas you want to add all included items of the selected COLLECTION onto the LIGHBOX?

Or do you want just to add the → NAME ← of the COLLECTION onto your LIGHTBOX?

// Get all COLLECTIONS--------------------------------------------------------------
async function get_AllCollectionsData() {
    return wixData.query("Stores/Collections")
    .then((res)=>{//console.log("RES-COLLECTIONS: ", res);
        if (res.items.length > 0) {console.log("Collections found!");
            let items = res.items; //console.log("COLLECTIONS-ITEMS: ", items);
            return (items);
        else {console.log("No Collections found!"); return ([]);}
// Get all COLLECTIONS--------------------------------------------------------------