Click to expand product images, Related Products Section, More Filters, Related products repeater strip

Important features Wix Stores should already have, but does not…hopefully the development team is working on these, as they seem like obvious features needed by every e-commerce site…

(1) Click to Expand (enlarge) product images within product pages of Wix Stores (Desktop)
(2) Filters needed (mobile), MORE filters (Desktop)
(3) Drop down navigation menus (Mobile)
(4) In product pages a simple “related products” repeater strip would be nice, too. Cant get the example code to function properly.


I so agree! It’s shocking that the click to expand is not how it should be. It’s like a must-must-must feature :confused:

Has there been any progress on this? I want people to be able to view my paintings (products) full screen from the product page. Can I do that?