Clicking an item in a repeater box opens a different item

Hi everyone, so
essentially it looks like the mouse hitbox is functioning strangely?
I have a repeater box connected to a database, the images look good and everything else is looking alright. Each image is supposed to link to its own image gallery. BUt when I click an item, it goes to another different item’s gallery instead of the one I clicked, anyway to solve this? any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Did you use a manual connection or was it through coding?

Hi, please share the screeshot for how the things connected, databse, link of website, coding if any

I didnt use code to connect to the database, I did use some for other things ( i dont know how to code so i took it from around the web)

$w . onReady ( function () {

$w ( "#Image" ). fitMode  =  "fit" ; 
**let**  mode  =  $w ( "#Image" ). fitMode ; 
console . log ( "Mode of the image is: "  +  mode ) 


export function loadingStrip_viewportEnter ( event ) {
$w ( “#loadingGif” ). show ();
$w ( “#dynamicDataset” ). loadMore ()
. then (() => {
$w ( “#loadingGif” ). hide ();

console . log ( “Done loading more data” );

this is the page (wix doesnt allow me to put links in here):

here are some images (sorry, i have it in portuguese)

You need to show us the connections you did manually on the repeater. You have to select the element and click to connect the element to the dataset, like this:

Or, you could to it through coding, but it is more challenging.