closing expand mode problem

hi, when i close expand mode in pro gallery it returns me to the bottom of the page that has the gallery. is there a way to control where it takes the user when closing expand mode?. top of gallery page would be ok for me…

Hi Frank!

You can try using Anchors upon closing the gallery to direct the user to the desired point on the page.
Use the scrollTo( ) method to achieve your goal.


problem is the “customize expand mode” does not allow for any editing. hovering over the closing cross a popup says this item can not be edited. so i can only add to the gallery page, but i don find a way to access the expand mode code.

Hi Frank!

Please provide us with a link to your site so one of us, WixTeam, can inspect it and provide you with a solution.

the problem occures in the expand mode of all galleries on all pages you reach clicking on any image on the indexpage.
The problem does not occure on the mobile version.
My operating system is ubuntu 16.04 using firefox and chrome…in case this could be part of the problem.

and while you are at it,
on the mobile preview all looks o.k. but on real mobile screen (Android) all pages load with a white section under the footer…
And: I have the feeling loading time for all pages is quite slow. (CPU or momobile) could this be due to the fact that this is till a “free version”? (once the page is finished I plan to buy package and wonder if this plays a role. I have not added any other code than some buttons to only show in mobile version. so code should not be the problem for slow loading I guess; and all images in galleries are on 80%. don’t know what to do for faster loading.

THANXXX for help, appreciate it

Hi Frank!

I cant seem to reproduce the issue you were describing but it may be due to the fact that you are using a linux OS . Try to use another OS, results may be unpredictable.

Anyway, the gallery app you use is still a component, and as one it has an ID.
According to what I saw #gallery1 is your component ID (in the home page) and it has properties just like any other component thus making it possible to use hover/click/change methods regarding it (bringing us back to the anchors solution I suggested before).

Other than that - about the white section in the footer.
Again, tried to reproduce it. This is what I got:

No white section, Screenshot took on an Android mobile device.

Note that this forum deals with WixCode related issues only.

The white section, component behavior and loading time are issues related to Wix Support.
Please contact the Help center them.


thanx for your answer. concerning the anchor: i believe there is a misunderstanding. i do not refer to returning to the indexpage gallery but returning from the expanded mode on the pages where user gets to from the index. to make it clearer go to this page: and click on any image. the gallery will expand to this
and now click on the cross to close the expanded gallery. you will be brought back to the bottom of the page. to apply an anchor I would have to target it from the “cross” that closes the expanded gallery. but that cross is not customizable.

en respect to the mobile problem. i rechecked this and i believe it is related to a page loading issue. because, true, when waiting long enough (20 sec give or take) white strip is gone. before that the wix banner on top of page scrolls away…I will mention this to support, but thought you might be interested to know.
thanks again and hope the above gallery issue is now clearer.

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hello, this is also my problem now. I used the gallery expand mode, but apparently, there’s no exit button… it only allows the images to be viewed on expand mode and wont allow you to go back to the sub-page… can anyone help me? the articles on Wix Support are not helpful at all.