Code does not work on mobile (but correct on live desktop, and desktop/mobile editor)

Hi everyone!

I have some code written, to display text from a dataset in a table – the code formats the text for each item that appears, depending on what is entered in the dataset (if some fields are empty, for example, the text is formatted differently so that things can be organized in a certain way)

My code works properly on the live published desktop version of the site:

The area in question is the “flowers available” column (the “wholesale price” column is correct in desktop & mobile regardless)

This is what the same section looks like on the live mobile site – as you can see, the same “flowers available” column is not showing the formatted text from the dataset like it does in the desktop version shown on the left here:

Is there a reason my code is not working in mobile only? I don’t believe anything in the code is hidden on mobile, and I have tried to write out mobile-specific code, but it has not made any difference

Any suggestions would be most welcome!!

NOTE: the issue with the code seems to be specific to the dataset connect & this column, as other code appears correctly on the mobile page, but this one section does not

Here is the code I am using for format & insert the text from the dataset:

$w.onReady(function () {
    $w("#datasetCurrentAvailability").onReady(() => {

function setRepeaterTable() {
    $w('#repeaterTable').forEachItem(($w, itemData) => {
        let titleColor = itemData.color + " " + itemData.title + " " + itemData.type;
        let titleNoColor = itemData.title + " " + itemData.type;
        let textTypeOther = itemData.color + " " + itemData.title;

        if (itemData.type.length == "Other") {
            $w("#textTypeOther").text = textTypeOther;

        if (itemData.color) {
            $w("#textName").text = titleColor;
        } else {
            $w("#textNameNoColor").text = titleNoColor;

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you might have!