Code for Pinterest Log In

Hello! I really like the Pinterest feed widget and was wondering if anyone knew how to write the code to use a personal URL from a dataset to automatically log in to a members pinterest account. I would like each member to have their pinterest feed available upon log in. Thanks!

Hi Deanna,

unfortunately, it is not possible to log in user to his / her personal Pinterest account. They can only do that themselves in the Pinterest site.

But Pinterest widgets should work when included using HTML component.

Hi Deanna:

You may be able to get this working using the wix-fetch API and pintrest’s REST API .

If you aren’t a developer this might get involved though. You need to register your site with pintrest so that you can get the necessary OAUTH tokens etc. Then you will need to develop the REST fetch calls in a set of backend function calls because you need to protect the tokens you use for pintrest access.

Your page (site) will need to manage the pintrest account and password information and session that is started (opening and I suggest closing the session).

Giedrius’s suggestion would work and may be more straight forward but would also need you to write an html harness page for the htmlComponent that loads the pintrest javascript code and use messaging between the htmlComponent and the wix page to drive the expected outcome.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the instructions! I will test it out and see how it goes!

Thank you so much for lending some advice! I really appreciate it!