Code settings not carrying across to mobile

Hello guys, I hope someone can help?

I’ve taken my first steps into code today and I was pretty excited, only for my excitement to fade slightly when my first baby steps were met with quite a large skipping rope.

I created a few simple buttons, each of them linking to some text, so when you click the buttons the text slides in. Pretty straight forward and easy to do I hear you say. Yes, of course, but then when I go to my mobile editor and start moving things around, the hidden on load for the text boxes check mark is gone… vamoosh.


Mobile site:

So guys, what am I doing wrong? Why doesn’t the code carry across? I even contacted Ixchel… otherwise known as the queen of code. She can code anything. She can even code a banana to ripen! But she checked one of her sites and her code settings carry across to mobile (even though her sites aren’t mobile optimised, which of course I have scolded her for)

So is it me? Is it my editor? Is it the time and space continuum? Help please!