Code stopped working automatically day by day #wixTurbo

I have site and the I have some code in it and they are stop working day by day I am using the site from last one year and with the same code I haven’t made any changes on the page but the code stop working automatically. and this issue started from this month day by day one page code stop working. I have tried everything removing the code and add it again but it have not solve the issue. Please do check it Out
There is Explore Home page on that page no new code is working and the code that is already there get stopped working and on the home page if some one loads it on android some elements gets disappear.
I have a code on EXPLORE HOME page that loads the content when user scroll but no it has stopped working after wix turbo update. The function I use is onViewportEnter and now its not working for some pages on some page it is still working
Also on Home Page I have a code that display elements only on mobile now the code is affected by some bug I don’t know exactly but when I load the site some elements disappears after few second and this issue start happening from yesterday and I haven’t made any change on the site. I think wix turbo is causing the issue #wixTurbo
My site is

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Same…for all my clients. Suddenly the disappearing header code (which was working perfectly) is not working at all for any of my clients that have it installed.