Code to enable embed for dynamic pages for 3D tours

One of the most frustrating things that I’ve dealt with when building my site is the fact that there’s no easy way to display my 3D tours on my dynamic listing pages. I would think it would jusy like displaying video on dynamic pages. But is there a easy way to do this? I don’t know anything about coding but is there a code snippet that I could add to my site?

Hello, can you share a little more information. What format are 3D tours in? Is this a file that you are trying to upload or an API you are connecting to?

They’re matterport tours with embed code.

Great. In that case you will want to look into using the HTML component. This is an iFrame that will allow you to embed code:

Working with the HTML element

I understand this, but this does not work for dynamic pages. I’m asking if there’s any simple way to make it work for dynamic pages.

Take a look at this forum post which should help you understand how to hook it up specifically to a dynamic page

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