Code to import playlist and create channel

Interested in creating a form for use by site editor to import video playlists and populate a channel with them (form has input fields for playlist URL and the channel name, which would be created if not already existing). This would streamline multiple steps in Wix Video admin when importing playlists for channels. More generally, interested in generating channels from playlists based on entries in a data collection when new record specifying url and channel name added to the data collection.

The media manager import function provides for importing individual video files. I don’t see obvious option for importing playlists using playlist URL. Also, I didn’t see API methods for creating and populating channels. I’ve searched here in the Forum, but did not see anything on this. Has anyone done something similar, or any comments on this? Thanks!

Hey Doug,

Just to be clear myself, you want to actually import a copy of the source file for each video into Wix? That’s what the Media Manager Import File API actually does, but it won’t download from a source such as YouTube.

You won’t be able to work with Wix Video’s playlists, channels and videos using the Import File API or other Media Manager APIs, you’d need to structure your own collections to store your videos, and organize them there.

For multiple uploads from a playlist URL that provides multiple downloadable video URLs, you can download them by looping over the importFile function.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks, Chris. If I understand, Velo provides no means to duplicate the Wix Video admin functions, where the admin can create channels that list and play YouTube hosted videos. Media Manager only imports source files. If I misunderstand, please let me know. Thanks again.

That’s correct, there’s currently no way to manage your Wix Video admin functions from Velo, at least as far as I know.

@dsac I hope this helped you get closer to a solution, even though not a direct one.