Coded Item not functioning in mobile

I am hoping that someone from the code team are looking at this. Wix help have been unable to assist and have asked me to post here. This is a serious problem if you want people with no coding experience (especially experts building client sites)

I have a client site that was launched a few weeks ago.

I have a coded element on the Services & Booking page.
As you can see, the coloured tabs bring up the relevant information about that particular service. Each service has a booking button with a link to their booking partner.
This all works fine and has been since it launched.
But the mobile version has stopped working on the live site ( although it works perfectly in the mobile editor preview)
On the mobile version, the buttons on all but one service tab (Add Ons ) did not work.
The page code on the mobile was exactly the same as the desktop
But on looking at it today, I could see that there are red alert dots next to certain lines which, when clicked say ‘Not a valid selector’, even though it was exactly the same as the element on
the desktop page code. ( see screenshots attached)

I tried deleting all the buttons and redoing them with fresh links and this didn’t have any affect.

I couldn’t understand how the element was working when the tab was selected but the button did not respond when selected.

I liaised with another Wix expert ( Scott Purslowe - ) who is a coder, he kindly helped me and explained a lot as he understands advanced code and so knows what to look for and what solutions to try.

He explained that in mobile .hide() sometimes fails. He edited the code to expand and collapse and then it worked. But as soon as I made one edit to the page on the mobile version. We were back to square one, with red alerts against some lines and the element not working when live.

Wix, I’m totally dedicated to your product. I’m your Ambassador for London. I teach the platform. I watched as the lovely Uri Tagger from Wix Code demonstrated it to experts at Wixcon Paris last week and got very excited again at the prospect of using it more and more.
I was even considering running workshops for beginners in Wix Code.

But this experience is very off putting. How could I possibly have known what was wrong without the help of Scott? Wix help pushed me to this forum. But I have a client whose booking buttons are not working. A client who has paid me for their site and who I convinced to have a coded element on their site and who expects me to have all the answers. And I need help fast, to resolve the problem for them. They are losing bookings. And I am losing credibility!

I am persevering with this issue (with the help of Scott) and I’m still hoping to fix it . But honestly, I wish I hadn’t taken the time to add this element in the first place. And if it was the first time I had ever used Wix code, I would not be encouraged to try it again. I started to investigate this yesterday morning and I am still working on the problem at 4.30 today. That’s a very lot of time for me to spend on what should be a small fix of max 1 hour. Not to mention Scott’s time.

Please, please look into this issue.

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