Codigo Pegauriseo que significa ?

Buenas tardes, tengo una duda con una palabra que aparece en el codigo fuente de mi pagina y es " PAGEURISEO", este codigo es permitido por google o podria ser penalizado?

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Good afternoon, I have a question with a word that appears in the source code of my page and is “PAGEURISEO”, is this code allowed by Google or could it be penalized?

When you mention source code, do you mean the html code that you view in the page source option?

Or are you talking about the source code that you see in your own web browser’s developer tools section?

If you are then you can not get access to this from within Wix and change any of it. You can only change what you add on your site through the Wix Editor.

But that code specifically, “pageuriseo” what does it work for?

If you are actually referring to your page uri key (pageUriSEO), then again this is something you can’t change yourself as it is part of the page and website as this key contains the search engine friendly title of the page.

You can look at altering your own SEO settings from within Wix by looking here.

thank you very much, I understand, but then if I leave this code my website would not be penalized right?

Your page would not be penalized for not using it as Wix does add defaults to it automatically to your own page.

However, it would be more beneficial for your website for you to set up your SEO correctly as stated in the Wix SEO links that are already provided.

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