Coding & Tracking System With Javascript

Been Trying To Add This To My WIX/Settings/Custom Code:Yet Not Sure It Works..Tried Tester/Doesn't Work When I Make A Test Purchase With PayPal Button for Tracking Payment Information on Third Party System: Also Tried To Put This Code In "masterPage.js" Need Help Because It Keeps Saying "JSX expressions must have one parent element" Although. I Know It Must be Placed On A Element on The Page..It Needs To Be On All Pages With Triggers to PayPal Payment Link?? What's The Parent Element Code I Need to Put On To Complete The Code To Work With Tracking System. I Could Place "#Element Name" Just Need Format To Complete This Coding With WIX

Copy the full script provided to you by the 3rd party.
Go to Dashboard > Settings > Custom Element
Create New and paste the code in it.
Based on the 3rd party documentation set it the Head, Body Start or Body End.
Apply it to the relevant pages

IMPORTANT: it will only work on live site under your own domain (not on website under the domain).

(P.S. please do not put questions in code block. it makes it less readable).

Yeah, I Added To The Code That Fixed It. Thank You