Collection not updatable in Live

Hi, why does a collection update locally and not in Live?
They both have the same permissions.

Thank you

The collections have the same permissions, but the site visitors don’t. When you are running a site in Preview, then you are the site visitor, and you are the site owner and admin. However, other site visitors don’t have the same permissions that you have and you therefore need to adjust the way you work with collections. You should set database permissions to be very restrictive, and then perform database queries in the backend using the suppressAuth option.

See the following articles for more details:

Thanks for the answer @yisrael-wix , but the site is used only by me at the moment. Setting restrictive permissions (Admin for all) the collection on Live does not update.
I have another collection in the site that I update regularly in Live, the only difference is that in one I use the setFieldsValue() function and it’s ok, in the other the update() function which only works locally.

sorry for my bad english :frowning:

Do you have the site set up so that you need to login as admin to use the site? If not, then even though it’s you, the site doesn’t know that it’s you. Setting collection permissions as admin is correct, but the only way that you can access those collections is as an admin. So you will need to login as admin to use the site in this case.

Thanks @yisrael-wix , removing and resetting the permissions on the collection works now, but I don’t know why not before. thank you so much for the support