CommunityX Glitch

@communityxteam @sebi-vidret You have a problem with your header :zipper_mouth_face:
First of all, this is not an EditorX 's problem per sé , but a Forum’s one.
It’s not necessarily an inconvenience, but uhm…

:flushed: not sure if only happens 2 me (windows 10, various chromium browsers)

Hi Ricky, thanks for flagging this! We checked on Windows & Mac and a variety of browsers and we can’t recreate this issue. Are you still experiencing it?

Hi, and thank you for your answer. It still happens 2 me (in two different machines tho) but only with mouse-selected posts or new ones (as shown above) and (hold on… did u just called me “ricky”? :rofl:); but it’s good 2 know you can’t replicate it; i thought i was adressing a general glitch –with the best of intentions, in order for it to be corrected– but if it’s only me then less bad. Sorry i guess :sweat_smile:

@ricardoherrera994 We always appreciate your feedback! Thanks :slight_smile:

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