I like to detail my case first.
I have 2 collection:
Collection 1: list of States (1 Field ) - pic attached
Collection 2: - pic attached

  1. List of towns (first field)
  2. City of towns this follows first field info (second field)
  3. State of city this follows second field info (third field)
  • When I change value at first dropdown (State) I want the second dropdown (City) has just cities in that State are listed out. Then, The third dropdown choices follow the second one either. Thank in advance! Please I need it. I am not good at code.

See the Cascading Form example to see how this can be done.

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thank for your offer!

You can Find answer at this video

And this example :

I tried it but it not functioned. It’s confusing somewhere in code line. I dont recognise! OMG.

Hi there! with Link you gave! I can’t recognise how my database will be. Maybe, Like this !?? the way, with this code ( import {usStates, canadaStates} from ‘public/states’; )… usStates is Field and ‘public/states’ is collection…is that right?

I would suggest opening one of the examples in the editor and playing with it. You will need to familiarize yourself with basic coding concepts to accomplish what you want. There are a wealth of Javascript coding sites which will help you learn Javascript from basic to advanced - is a good one. The Corvid Resources page provides tutorials, examples, and articles on getting the most out of Corvid. We are happy to get you pointed in the right direction, but you’ll need to take it from there. As questions or difficulties arise, we are here to help.

You may also want to check out the WixArena - it’s a hub where you can look for Corvid (and other) experts for hire.

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thanks so much !

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I learnt it. I realize it’s wrong!
In wix is just supported by this code to create a list of options:
$w(“#myDropdown”).options = [
{“label”: “Who’s on first!”, “value”: “first”},
{“label”: “What’s on second”, “value”: “second”},
{“label”: “I Don’t Know is on third”, “value”: “third”}

the code in cascading form said:
$w(“#myDropdown”).options = field

This is not supported! Then, It annouced that " your dropdown cannot set to be null or unndefined." Becuz it was not the form wix supported

Hello ông, tui chưa hiểu ý ông lắm. Tui cũng ko rành lắm nhưng ông nói rõ xem bjk đâu ttui giúp đc.

Hi Anthony, did you manage to fix this issue? I have also used this code and edited it but am having a similar problem and it has me stumped

Instead of commenting on an old post, post a new question with details regarding what you are trying to do, what works, and what doesn’t.

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