connected dropdowns to remove previous selection

Hey all - I’m new to wix and coding, but I have 5 dropdowns that I would like be connected.

Example - if you have 5 different choices, A,B,C,D,E… if the user selects A in the first dropdown, A would be removed from the rest of the dropdowns, so essentially you can’t select A twice.

I have a wix form I’m using currently for the website, so I can easily use the email automations and email auto fill in’s for my logged in users, but unfortunately this limits me and I can’t connect my dropdowns to a dataset.

Is it possible to do what I want via all code and no dataset?


Hello. You can definitely accomplish this through code and the Wix Data API. There are plenty of examples in the forum you can search of how to populate the dropdowns like this one and you can search dropdown in the forum for more.

Here is the API for the dropdown element

and here is the API docs for the Data API

To chain the dropdowns you will want to hide everything except the first choice and then reveal each dropdown as the user goes through the flow so I would start by creating the first dropdown and hooking it up to data then capturing the user choice in a variable and feeding it into the next wix-data query to populate your second option and so on