Connecting Members Page to a unique line of a database

Hello everyone,

I don’t even know if i can explain my thoughts. And sorry for my english, it’s not my native language.

I’ve build a site of a Fitness Gym. (important premise: all the payment is done offline at the segretary)
I would like to create a Members Page for each member of the Gym. In this page I’d like to show all the personal data (with a table) that need an upgrade or integration:
for example

  • wich pass was choosen (all day / night / lunch)
  • the data of the payment of that pass
  • how many € was payed
  • the expiry of the sport medical certificate (that is mandatory for doing fitness activities)

In my thoughs I would like to create a Database in which every line is for each member.
Of course, containing personal information (GPDR is coming), every Member has to see only the line that contains his data.

I hope I’m making myself clear, thanks for all your answer



Your idea is correct — you need a members collection with each member information, where each row is a member with it’s personal data. Then, on the Editor side you need to filter dataset by currently logged user, so nobody else would see anybody else information. You can read more on how to setup own Member Area using Code here — Velo Tutorial: Building Your Own Members Area | Help Center |

Hope this helps!