Continuos scrolling for dynamic/regular pages

Hello All
Trying to implement continuous scrolling for the pages with the same structure (as repeater or blog).
I have two collections relevant for this case:
Items: Artworks data with reference field to author and keeper
Persons: Person data with Label (Author/Keeper)

On every page:

  • Data about Keeper

  • Data about Author

  • Related items with data
    Curren attempt to implement: dynamic page with repeater for items and anchor with
    export function anchor1_onViewportEnter() {
    .then( (next) => {
    if (next){;
    } );


  1. Can’t implement as repeater because of repeater on page
  2. Can’t implement as dynamic category page (/Keeper/Author) because of reference fields
  3. Scrolling is not continuous (delay and jump)

I’d be greately appreciate any help/idea. The project is non profit and urgent.
Thanks in advance

Actually, you were on the right track, but used the wrong method. Try loadMore instead.

Thank You Adas. This design was changed and I have new questions :slight_smile: (posted on Forum). But I’ll try your suggestion.