Convert number into text

Hi everyone, I have price column in database. And i want to convert number into text and stored into database.
For example my service price is 400 then this number convert as “four hundred” and stored into database.
I have attached page photo for reference.
Thanks in advance.

I would maybe see if there is some javascript library out there that has been created for such a task. If you find an NPM you can request it through the editor if it’s not already available

I tried but it don’t works. Can you please help me.
Thanks in Advance.

I’m sorry you aren’t able to get this working the way you would like. If you are looking to hire a developer, you can check the marketplace or post your job request in our dev community Discord in the jobs channel

ok thanks for your time and guidance.

Or you write your own RECOGNITION-ENGINE.:grin:

What do we need to know?
We will need to know the length of the Number.
For example…

1 00 → length = 3
3 000 → length = 4
5 0000- → length = 5

…and so on…

if (length===3) {console.log(“hundred”);}
if (length===4) {console.log(“thousend”);}
if (length===5) {console.log(x+“thousend”);}

Also you will need to get the first DIGIT of each Numbers… like…

1 00 → “one”
3 000 → “three”
5 0000- → “five”

Which elements we need to create our RECOGNITION-ENGINE?

Store all words and related Numbers inside DB.

Now your turn!!!