CORS issue making the website not responsive

Couldn’t find a way to solve this issue.
i had even loaded a script tag using the custom js and css code with that link to get the website using a workaround but wasn’t successful.

Hello. Your post will need some more information as the screenshot is difficult to read and the problem is not clear.

When working with the mobile ur editor in wix, you would not adjust via code, but through the drag and drop editor.

To clearify the website has CORS issue preventing him to load the ts file from the origin as CORS as everyone know that it prevent loading files from the same origin since the js file is not loaded a lot of features including responsivness is not working (Mobile friendly from Editor is enabled) So please help any workaround or anything to deal with this issue ? normally it’s a custom care service.

What js file and where are you attempting to load it. I’m sorry this is not enough information for me to be able to assist.