Create a filters on repeater

i have a database called Cars, witch have a lot of columns (Title, Brand, Model, transmission, Fuel, Engine, accessories, etc).
I showed the table with a repeater (where every element link to detail page) and i’d like to create a the filters (dropdown). I create the layout and add values inside dropdown (connecting values to DB values) but i don’t understand how connect dropdown values to Dastaset filter.
Someone can help me?
I need to intercept the values changing of each dropdown, edit dataset filters, refresh other dropdown (in function of values remaining). And is possible to add the value “All” inside each dropdown to show all.

The page have the dataset Vetture (#datase1 with culums title [text], brand [text], model[text], transmission[text], fuel[text], engine[text], accessories [Rich text]), and 4 dropdowns (#dorpdown1 for brand, #dropdown2 for model, #dropdow3 for trasmisison, #dropdows4 for fuel), some one can help me for the script? I try a lot of but no one can do this thing completely.

Thanks for your help

check this video, it would help you a lot.

I think this video covers exactly what you are looking for.

Thank you! And there is some video about query ?